Doreen Mantle

There is a series of episodes of Portrait Artist
of the Year on Sky TV that I was greatly
absorbed and inspired with.
I recorded all the episodes where they have well known celebrities sitting for
the competing artists.
In the forth episode one of the three people who sat for them was a well known actress
- Doreen Mantle, an award winning actor from classical theatre to TV favourites
since the 1960s - like Coronation Street and
One foot in the grave.
She is partially blind now and she brought a friend to help her throughout the day.
She was asked if anyone had painted her before and she said no.
Who would want to paint me? she said.
Well I did! Although I was not there myself that did not stop me!
This is my effort developed from stills taken from my TV screen. I didn't like the pink
screen that they sat her in front of - that had a black stripe running disturbingly across
her head in the background!
So, I cave her a more fitting background.