"Scope End"
This is an oil sketch that I did - on site, from the back of a little white Bedford HA van that I used to have! That little van used to work hard for me, poor thing!! I did most of my fell-walking while I had that van, and had to tackle some formidable slopes to get me to where I wanted to be!! Not only was it my transportation around the country, but it also transported 90% of the slate that my garden is built with! It was, also, on many occasions, my mobile 'studio' ..... LOL! It was from the back of this vehicle that I did this sketch of 'Scope End' in the Newlands valley, Lake District. As you may gather - from this sketch - the weather was 'iffy!' I had my easel erected (with some difficulty) in the back of the van, and I painted with the rear doors open, ..... and as a 'shower' approached I hurriedly shut the doors while I was pelted with hail stones! I was Painting there for about four hours.