This is a lad I taught in school. He didn't like the playground scene very much outside during the lunch-hour period. As I spent my own lunch-hours in the art room with several other boys who wanted to spend more time on their course work, I invited him to join us. I had my camera with me one day to photograph some of my students' course work, and he posed for a 'snap-shot'. I was in snap-happy mood with the camera! lol.
I had a whim, many years later, to try developing a portrait of him, in oils - with colour - just using this black and white photograph. I can't say I'm entirely happy, though, with my effort. I don't feel that I've captured him properly, and seeing my work now alongside the original photograph, I can see so many discrepancies: No artist is EVER satisfied with their own work, though! It is a known fact! I'm just the same. I've no idea as to the colour of his eyes, but it was a delightful experience for me to paint him. He'd be in his thirties now. I think of him often, and wonder if life is treating him kindly.