A drawing of Greta

With the physical difficulty I'm having now with pain in my wrists and numbness in my fingers I haven't done any artwork for some time now. However with missing drawing etc I tried hard to finish off a drawing I started some weeks earlier. I really wanted to finish it as best I can. We are hearing all the time now of the serious changes that are happening to our planet - all over - with rampant fires, landslides and floods - a serious growing consequence of our world warming up. It can't be denied, surely, that we - the human race - the predominant life force in our world - is not having a serious contribution to the situation? It seems our younger generation - to whom we are bequeathing our world - have a more acute moral and worried awareness of this! I've been in awe of the brave attempts of Greta Thunberg in Sweden with her world wide travels - with the blessing and help of her father - to bring all this to our notice - particularly to our world leaders. I watched - and recorded - the recent programs of her travels on TV and saved many stills of her facial expressions. Some were very serious and angry looking but I chose this one to work with for a drawing with a more whimsical and appealing expression - asking us to think about it! I lament my disabilty to capture her likeness and expression exactly to my satisfaction but this is my effort. I hope it says something.