This year - 2015 - one of my morris dancing
friends held a fund-raising barbecue-fete,
trying to raise funds for the MacMillan
nurses who had cared for him - and his wife
so well in the past.
There were all sorts of things going on, but I
was roped in to be the "artist in residence"!
'Victims' sat in front of me to have their faces drawn! It went OK.
Some of my efforts I felt were sort-of-ok,
one or two I was not happy with, personally,
but the recipients seemed to be happy enough! Hay-ho!
I only had about 10 to 15 minutes for each one!
It was good practice for me!

There was one, though, that asked me if I could do one of his daughter ..... who wasn't there!
He showed me a snap-shot of her on his mobile!
Having snapped this from his mobile, with mine,
we came up with quite a decent image.
I had all the detail I needed. Of course, at home
I had all the time in world to do the job!
Thought I'd do it in colour!
Took me just over three hours!
I thoughly enjoyed myself!